La Charrette "Charrie" Aujourd'hui. Year 1, no. 1 (15 June 1922) through year 2, no. 24 (n.d., ca. 1924) (all published).

Complete run in 23 fascicles (note: no. 23 was never published), ca. 16 pp. each, of the twice-monthly satire magazine edited by Paul Reboux capturing the "années folles" spirit of Jazz-age Montmartre, including brief articles, gossip and light verse alongside stunning caricatures, satirical cartoons and illustrations, most in color, by Gus Bofa, Boris, Abel Faivre, Sem, Lucien Laforge, Pavis, Armand Vallée, R. Guérin, Joseph Hémard, Pierre Falké, Del Marle, Andre Foi, Bécan, Jean Oberlé, Pol Rab, Roubille, Vertès, Émilien Dufour, Charles Martin, and others. Some minor pencil notations. Hand-painted watercolor title page. Small folio. Half-calf, original illustrated wrpps. bound in. Abrasions, wear, and scratches to boards. Paris, 1922-1924.

A rare complete run of the sought after Roaring 20s satire magazine that covered topics from the development of cinema, dancehalls, prostitution, "coco" (cocaine) and homosexuality, to the irritations of foreign tourism and the banality of the countryside, chiefly illustrated, with wildly colorful graphics in a variety of styles. No. 15, dedicated to "Nos 'Amis' les Anglais” features a selection of caricatures chosen by John Grand-Carteret, including historical works by Daumier, Grandville, Cham, etc. As of November 2017, WoldCat locates only six institutional holdings in the United States. Book ID: 42515

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