Ren Min Ying Xiong Liu Zhidan (Liu Zhidan: The People's Hero).

56 pp. booklet, printed recto only, in comic book format, telling the political morality story of the farmer Liu Zhidan of Boao'an county in northeast Shaanxi, who is exploited by his landlord, joins the Red Army, discovers his personal worth, and ultimately sacrifices his life in battle against the Japanese. Bold illustrations on every page. Age-darkening to pages, some slight brittleness, some minor losses at corners and edges which do not enter into images. Square 16mo. Orig. printed wrpps., some minor soiling, overall excellent. Shanghai (Dazhong Meishu Chubanshe/The Masses Art Press) 1949.

The beginning of this small book states that the goal of the publishing house is "to reflect the struggle of the workers, farmers, and soldiers." Liu Zhidan was a real and well-known figure of the Revolution, who joined the Communist Party in 1925 and in May 1928, helped to launch the Weihua Uprising with several thousand men and establish the National People's Army of the Northwest. He was captured in battled in 1935 and jailed, awaiting execution, until his release was ordered by Mao Zedong and the Long Marchers. He was dispatched by Mao to lead the Eastern Expedition againt Yan Xishan, and was killed in battle in April 1936, becoming hailed as a martyr. Extremely scarce; as of August 2016 WorldCat locates only one holding in North America and none elsewhere. Book ID: 48540

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