The Madison Avenue Cut-Out Book.

Unpag. humorous volume of cartoons, in the style of a paper-doll book, poking fun at the advertising industry, including referring to a client as a dog, a client's lunch as a martini, the ad man's lunch as "eating crow", and the personnel department as a guillotine, with the final page presenting an image of the "Madison Avenue ad game", in the style of a traditional board game, with spaces for actions such as "Steal an account", "Have six martinis", "Date your boss's secretary", "Buy tranquilizers", "Get investigated by the FCC", "Bitch about anything", and "Quit!" Profusely illustrated. Small folio. Original die-cut cardstock wrpps. emulating a briefcase. Some minor wear, chipping, scattered scuffing, small crease at lower right corner. New York (Citadel Press) 1962.

The "introduction" to the volume, claiming to be from "Bigger, Fusmythe, Roundheel, Clod & Smart", reads: "This book is for our executives. It helps them make nice ads. Do you know what ads are? They are pretty pictures with friendly words under them. They make people happy. They also make our clients rich....You can be like us. Maybe your clients will say nice things about you, too. Cut out these pictures and put them on your bulletin board....Try and cut on the lines, advertising executives should be neat." A scarce satirical work; as of January 2018, WorldCat locates only a single holding in a North American institution. Book ID: 49018

Price: $300.00