Foie Gras. No. 1 (n.d.) through No. 3 (n.d.) (all published).

A complete run in three issues of the queer comic zine which presents altered drawings from Irma Rombauer's "The Joy of Cooking" as a suggestive narrative about sex and gender identity, referencing sexual acts, phalluses, bondage in place of food preparation, kneading dough, and trussing chicken. Fully illustrated throughout. Photomechanically reproduced on various colors of paper stock. 16mo. Original colorful silkscreened stapled cardstock wrpps. Brooklyn, New York, circa 2006-2011.

Edie Fake is a trans comic artist, developing a following and a reputation for his comics about navigating the world as queer, exploring issues of sexual identity, gender fluidity and the non-binary experience, and transformation. As of February 2019, WorldCat locates five holdings in North American institutions, at least two of which consist of a single issue. Book ID: 49025

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