Pink Mince: For the Confirmed Bachelor of Exceptional Taste. No. 1 (Summer 2009) through No. 10 (Spring 2014).

The first ten issues, 28-52 pp. each, of the queer British zine published by Dan Rhatigan, each issue containing a mix of writing, illustrations, and vintage and contemporary photographs of attractive men centered around a theme, including "Alter Egos and Secret Identities", "Your Dad Was Hot", "New York Fucking City", "Punk Mince", and "Ink Mince", accompanied by six Pink Mini zines, one-offs comprised of features that were cut from the final versions of the standard Pink Mince issues. Profusely illustrated. Most 8vo., issue no. 7 oversized tabloid-size on newsprint. Original stapled booklet-style wrpps. London and New York, 2009-2014.

The six issues, 8 pp. each, of Pink Mini included in this group are:
No. 1: Caring For Yourself and Your Home
No. 2: Boycrazyboy
No. 3: Back to the Woods
No. 5: Homegrown
No. 6: Leftover Beefcake
No. 7: Clothes Make the 'Mo

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