GIG. No. 1 (12 March 1981) through No. 17 (April 1982).

A sequential run of 17 issues (full publication history unknown) of the second series of the incredibly scarce French punk and rock music journal, edited by Pierre Thiollay, with interviews, essays and criticism, concert notices, album releases, film notes, and other related material, featuring coverage of a wide range of international music acts including Iron Maiden, Fela, Marquis de Sade, The Stray Cats, Adam Ant, Elvis Costello, The Saints, Bruce Springsteen, Spandau Ballet, Joy Division, Bijou, The Clash, John Lee Hooker, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, The Cure, Bob Dylan, Taxi Girl, AC/DC, and many others. Profusely illustrated throughout, primarily from photographs. Issues nos. 1 through 8 folio, nos. 9 through 17 4to. Original illustrated newsprint wrpps. Paris (Meaule-Bernay) 1981-1982.

Gig was one of the first free music magazines in France, inspired by the American free press. The issues collected here are from the second series of the journal - a first series was published from 1979 through 1982. Some of the covers were designed by Frédéric Voisin, a visual artist who would go on to be one of the regular illustrators for Rock Magazine and NME (New Musical Express). Exceedingly rare; as of May 2019, not a single holding of Gig was located in a North American institution. Book ID: 50004

Price: $2,500.00